Chapter 2: Breath 1-5 (Lessons of Mind, Breath and Movement by Yang Ming Shih)


      Now I’m introducing a book written by Yang Ming Shih, the originator of 24 simplified style tai chi chuan in Japan. Since I had been very impressed by the contents, I started picking stories up from the book and translating them into English. The book means “Lessons of Mind, Breath, and Movement”. I finished introducing about “Mind”.

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*Chapter 1: Mind 15 -18!1D0F2197A6F55843!1442.entry
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     So I’m going to the next chapter “Breath” from now.

 Lessons of Mind, Breath and Movement by Yang Ming Shih

Chapter 2: Breath 1 – 5

     Breathing is living. Mastering how to breathe properly is the secret to all martial arts and the first principle for health care. In Yang Ming Shih 24 simplified style tai chi chuan, the way of breathing is inhaling with your nose slowly concentrating your senses and leading them to “Tanden” which is the place about 3 cm below your navel, and exhale slowly and quietly after imaging the air you took in is going all over your body. “Tanden” is considered that the center of your life in Oriental medicine and is believed that you can elevate your mind when you breath concentrating your senses to it.

     1. Breathing is proof of living. Breath is life. Breathe beautifully. It means breathing slowly. Breath is the way of taking the power of the universe in your body and the thing of connecting mind and body. It makes your body healthy to have calm mind and breathe properly. I’d like you to breathe air imaging you taking it in from the universe.

     2. When you do zazen, you inhale and exhale with your nose. But when you practice martial arts or exhale much air, you exhale from your mouth. Inhaling is important, but exhaling is also important. By exhaling, you can excrete bad spirit and after that can get good one.

     3. How can we be happy? First imagine what happiness is for you. And hope to get it breathing slowly. Let’s forget about your worries for a while and let’s do tai chi chuan together! You’ll find new yourself who’re light on your feet and in your mind after leaving everything to the universe or God.

     4. Your energy and force go down when you’re tired. But you can charge from the nature power. That’s the greatest healing. It’s not good to shut yourself up in your room and to drop into deep thought when you feel tired. You’ll shrivel in the situation. Go outside! Move your body breathing slowly! Do tai chi chuan! Take in the energy from the nature and the universe! You’ll feel having a good circulation.

     5. Your energy and force thing come from you mind, which is calm, mild, and peaceful. And the energy goes around your whole body through nerves. And then your blood goes around all over. That’s why you can keep your health. Your energy has to come from calm, mild and peaceful mind. That’s good energy. That’s energy of love and health. The energy come from angry or envious mind is bad. That energy will make you unhappy and lose your health.


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