Chapter 1: Mind 19-26 (Lessons of Mind, Breath and Movement by Yang Ming Shih)


Lessons of Mind, Breath and Movement by Yang Ming Shih

Chapter 1: Mind 19 – 26

     19. Everyone has both good points and bad points. But if you try to look at only good points of someone and to soak them up, you can develop into an attractive person. Of course, you meet many difficulties in your life. And you sometimes meet with a setback. But look at the universe! How tiny we are!

     20. The most important thing for living is constant. If you’d like to succeed in life, you have to keep on studying and doing something for a long time. You can’t accomplish anything for a short time. If you decide once, just do it!

     21. Martial arts tend to compete, but physical strength goes weaker and weaker with your age. Genuine martial arts are to elevate your spirit and polish your mind, not to compete for the power. You can’t go on doing something without inner strength. You have to compete against yourself. Your enemies are inside, not outside.

     22. Harmony is very important. If you have harmony with someone, you two can live together in peace. If a country has harmony with another country, they won’t fight each other. Harmony can exist beyond countries, ages, borders, races, religious, and policies. Harmony is our treasure.

    23. It depends on your mind whether you can get something or not. If you really want something, you’ll be able to get it. But if you don’t call for anything, you won’t get anything. 

    24. Happiness brings happiness. Friends bring friends. If your mind is satisfied, happiness comes to you, and you’ll be even happier. If your mind has sadness or anger, your face shows your inside. People will avoid coming to you. Your face is the reflection of your mind. Let’s smile without negative feelings.

    25. You may know the person’s face, but you may not know his mind. You can’t know the person’s mind unless you keep company with him for a while. It’s easy to remember the person’s figure, but is difficult to understand his mind. If you keep company with the person, you’ll become understanding his mind. Making good friends need long time.

    26. Human being’s best treasure is each mind. The treasure is eternal. You never lose it. Other treasures, money, properties or all material things may be lost someday. But your mind never lessens nor disappears. If you keep your mind calm and peaceful, you’ll get good energy and force. And you’ll feel like moving your body naturally. It’s the key to your health.

     Thank you for reading the chapter 1. Do you find any tips on how to live happily? I’ll go to the chapter 2 next time.


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