Chapter 1: Mind 15-18 (Lessons of Mind, Breath, and Movement by Yang Ming Shih)


      I’m now introducing a book entitled “Lessons of Mind, Breath and Movement” written by Yang Ming Shih. This book has three chapters: Mind, Breath and Movement. I have picked 14 lessons up so far from Chapter 1: Mind. I’m going to continue and translate into English this time as well.

*Chapter 1: Mind 1- 5!1D0F2197A6F55843!1434.entry
*Chapter 1: Mind 6-14!1D0F2197A6F55843!1438.entry

Lessons of Mind, Breath, and Movement by Yang Ming Shih

Chapter 1: Mind 15 – 18 

     15. I give myself 5 Commandments to live happily everyday.

          1) Take it easy!
If you hurry yourself, you’ll be lost. You won’t be clear-sighted and may fail unexpectedly. Calm mind makes you find something new and happy.

          2) Don’t be arrogant!
We have to admonish ourselves.

          3) Control your anger!
If you have a really beautiful face, anger makes you look ugly. No one will come closer to you when you are angry.

          4) Don’t be lazy!
If you have an ability to do something, you can’t demonstrate it well without diligence.

          5) Don’t let yourself down!
If you fail at something, don’t feel down about it so much. If you’re negative, you can’t think of a new idea.

     16. Don’t give anyone any lip. Such empty words are worthless. You ought to say something sincerely. If you say “Thank you!” to someone from the bottom of your heart, not only he or she but also yourself will be happy.

     17. Your mind is your doctor. Your love is medicine. Your mind has wonderful healing power. No doctors can approach it in greatness. It depends on your mind whether your illness is getting better or worse. Your mind cures you. You should have sunny, broad, peaceful and calm mind. The person who has such a mind, illness can’t live longer inside you. And for a good treatment, the important thing is love. Love is a specific remedy to incurable diseases by medicines. Your love communicates itself to the patient and makes him or her feel better. And the nice feelings create power to cure themselves. Love is the greatest remedy.

     18. You can’t stop becoming old. But you can keep your mind young.You started going to death at the time when you were born. No one can stop it. While you’re young, you can recover your health easily. But you’re getting older and older every year and it’s getting longer for recovering. But you can keep your mind young. If you’d like to be healthy, you can be. It depends on you! If you worry something, it hurts your mind and makes you lose your health. You should be happy, sleep well, eat properly and work hard. And the aging can’t steal over you. Be thankful to God and everyone. If you have such a modest and clear mind, your mind will never be old.


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