Chapter 1: Mind 6-14 (Lessons of Mind, Breath, and Movement Yang Ming Shih)


Lessons of Mind, Breath, and Movement by Yang Ming Shih

Chapter 1: Mind 6 – 14

      6. Your mind comes out to your movement. I don’t think little of skill, but I think your mind is more important.

     7. There’s a word in China: “Little people are disturbed so easily when they feel worry or anxiety.” You can’t blame someone or something for that. You disturb yourself. If your mind is bad, misfortunes or unpleasant things happen easily. You create those bad things.

     8. Faith is the most beautiful mind. What is the faithful mind, then? It’s that you don’t tell lies. You ought to keep in touch with your friends in your faith. If you do, your friends also do in their faith. Don’t be selfish. If you think about only yourself and what is advantageous to you, you can’t form real friendship with anyone.

     9. Human mind is the same as the nature. Both of them are vast, deep, fair and changeable. You know, if it’s fair and cool today, it may be hot and start raining hard suddenly tomorrow. You can’t do anything for that. It’s nature. And human mind is the same. If someone rages furiously today, he or she may look happy today. Yes, human mind is nature as well, and it’s so mysterious.

     10. If your body condition is good, you can keep your mind calm and peace. If you feel generous and comfortable, your body condition must be nice. Body and mind can’t be separated. We pray for our own health and happiness and over other people when we practice tai chi chuan. If you and the others are healthy and happy, the whole world will be peace.

     11. There’re innumerable invisible lines in your body. We believe a kind of energy or force runs around in the lines when we do tai chi chuan. It makes your circulation better and gives you self-healing power. We tend to forget our self-healing power and to rely on medicines at the present day. But we have that wonderful power. As we forget it and don’t use it, it doesn’t work and we become sick.

     12. Human being is kept alive in this universe. How wonderful! You ought to respect and trust God. And you ought to do not only your family and friends but also other people as well. Trusting someone means loving the person.

     13. If you like the spring, you can’t force to bring it to you. If you don’t need much snow, you can’t stop it falling. You can’t control the nature. We ourselves are also a part of the nature. Tai chi means the universe, and we human being is a galaxy. Going with the nature and the universe is living humanly.

     14. Becoming health is not the purpose of your life. It’s more like a means to achieve the goal of something in your life. If you’re not healthy, your life may be miserable. If you have a will and a talent to do something and much money, you can’t enjoy your life without health. Health is most primary condition, luck and the greatest joy. If you’re healthy, it means you’re happy. And the health is made by your mind.


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