Don’t pray for a miracle, be the miracle!


     I saw two videos recently: The Butterfly Effect and Bruce Almighty. The two of the movies’ color is quite different; the former is a kind of psychological thriller and the latter is a comedy, but the main messages of the both are the same; “Don’t try to play God!” and "Don’t pray for a miracle, be the miracle!"

     The Butterfly Effect (2004, US) Evan, the hero is a 20-year old university student. He’s kept a journal since he was 7. He used to black out in his childhood and his doctor recommended keeping a journal for remembering events. One day he finds the way to go back to his blackout memories and starts changing the past. But whenever he changes the past, something horrible happens in the present…

     Bruce Almighty (2003, US) Bruce is a TV reporter. He is aiming for an anchorman, but his rival steals the position from him. He complains to God that his unhappiness is His entire fault and He is negligent of His duties. So, God comes to Bruce and approaches him to play God instead of Him. Bruce Almighty uses God’s power for only himself. While he is playing God, the world is getting confused and worse…

      The attempts of Evan of the Butterfly Effect are always to change the world better, but the reason and the demands are selfish. At first sight, his action is reasonable; to think of other people’s happiness and what he does is nothing but a small thing. But all his action comes from his egoism. He doesn’t do anything if the person’s happiness had nothing to do with his happiness. He always does something for himself.

     Bruce of Bruce Almighty uses God power for only his happiness. When he uses the power, he doesn’t think of any other effects. That’s why unexpected things happen and mostly they are  bad. Like Evan, Bruce’s action also comes from his egoism. He always thinks of only himself.

     But I think most people are like Evan and Bruce. Human-being is selfish. So am I!

     I leaned something, however, through the both of films. Evan looks for the reasons and the solutions of some problems in the past, and Bruce does in God’s will. But I’d say that as long as you seek the solution of some problem outside or blame something on someone, you’ll never be happy!

     It seems that Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, said like this, “You can’t change the past, but you can change the future you start something new.” Gandhi said, “We must be change we wish to see in the world.” And God of Bruce Almighty said, “Everyone has power to change your life better.”

     You should be happy where you are. But if you have something to want to change better for your life, don’t pray for a miracle, be the miracle!


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