Bach Flower Remedies


      I’m a slow writer…What I am about to write now is an event that I joined in a whole week ago last Sunday. I took part in a kind of lecture on flower essences well-known as Bach flower remedies. A friend of mine is an instructor of aroma therapy and herbal cooking, and she held a lesson for studying the flower remedies.

     The other day, the friend emailed me, “Why don’t you study about flower essences? I think you’re interested in it.” And I replied, “Thank you for the information. I’d like to take the lesson. I don’t know anything about the flower whatchamacallit at all though.” I hadn’t heard of even the name.

     As I said, flower essences are well-known as Bach flower remedies, and they were developed by Dr. Edward Bach about 70 years ago in England. He noticed that people tended to lose their health by more psychological factors as like anxiety, disappointment, or sorrow than by physical ones.

     Dr. Bach thought that people’s identities and characters were similar to the features of flowers. Some people are tough but feel lonesome easily, for example, and about plants, oak trees have vigorous propagation power and sometimes expel other plants but they sometimes accept others as well. So, he had observed various flowers for a long time and created flower remedies. 

     If you get interested in Bach flower remedies, you can learn it more here:

     So, at the class I attended, the participants tried to understand themselves with the description of each flower or with their pictures, and to find the flower remedies they need. Bach regarded the flower appearance as its features and that it had much to do with people’s characters and emotions. In his study, people can keep in good health if you take the correct flower remedies. If you feel anger, for example, you take a flower remedy for putting aside the emotion.

      Since I would have liked to avoid preoccupation, I chose a few flower remedies by flower pictures. You can choose pictures which draw you somehow. My choices are sweet chestnuts, pines, and larches. The result was interesting!

Sweet Chestnut: Extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no lighter left.
Pine: Guilt
Larch: Lack of confidence and self-esteem

     Hmmm. It seemed that I lost my confidence and had a feeling of guilt after doing something…That’s why I took those remedies. Oh! I got well! Hmmm…Really?

     Yeah, Bach flower remedies have no chemical action and smell a little bit fishy. But I think it’s good no matter how they are just placebos if people can be healed by introspection through using flower remedies as ritual. And it’s nice for everyone to think of themselves sometimes, isn’t it?


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