Handicraft Fair


      On the 22 of June, I went to Fukiage Hall with a friend of mine. There a kind of festival was held. It was Handicraft Fair in Nagoya. http://www.handcraft-nagoya.or.jp/ In the Handicraft Fair, many companies, schools, and artists on handicraft gather and make their new products, methods, and works public, and people can see those things and study through experience.



     I join in it every year since I like to make something and see works, embroideries, knits, accessories, for example. 

     It was raining since the morning that day. That’s why I had thought there were not so many people in the morning. But I’d guessed wrong… “Ugh!” my friend and I groaned at the same time. We saw many flowers of umbrellas blooming in the street!

     At last we found a parking lot and parked the car, but our fights were just beginning…Though we entered the hall, we couldn’t move at all! Generally speaking, elderly women are really strong…They were quite aggressive…You know, they were equipped with weapons at that time! I mean umbrellas! Scary! I learned how to use umbrellas in the crowd room…

     Surprisingly, I ran into my mother in such a terrible place! We didn’t know our schedules at all. She also came with her friends. She loves handicraft as well. I chatted with her, having coffee at the lounge. I was happy to see her vigorous since we don’t live together.

      After saying goodbye to my mother, my friend and I searched the hall for something interesting. I bought three pendants and three sheets of hemp cloth which were used as mosquito nets in the old days. I’m wondering what I’m going to make with those hemp fabrics.

        And my friend decided to start learning tatting and bought an outfit for that. Tatting is a kind of lacework. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatting To add to her and my busy lives, we are trying to do new things!


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