Furimukeba Neko: There’s a cat whenever I look around.



      Last Saturday on 16th I met a friend of mine. We hadn’t seen for a long time.  Since she lives in Ogaki and basically cannot have a weekend day off, she and I can hardly meet each other.

     She and I used to be co-workers. Although the both of us quit the company, we maintain our friendship still now. It may be since I love cats and so she does too!

     Strangely there’re many cat lovers around me. I’m wondering if cat-lovers may attract each other. I don’t know. Although I love dogs and other animals too, I take to cats because they look nobly, dignified and free.

     There was just an exhibition of cats’ photos entitled “Furimukeba neko” or “There’s a cat whenever I look around.” at Matsuzakaya in Sakae on the day when I met my friend. That’s why we went and saw it together after lunch.

     The cats’ photos were taken by Mitsuaki Iwago, who is an animal photographer. He takes not only cats’ photos but also many wild animals’ all over the world, wild giant pandas in China, for example. http://www.digitaliwago.com/gallery/index.html I like his photos because I can find wild animals’ expressions I’ve never seen in his works.

     The hall was swarming with many people when we arrived. I was amused to think that most of them loved cats. And I heard this word many times there indeed. “Cute!”

     Oh, yes. Those cats on the photos were really adorable. For non-cat lovers, however, some of the photos might not cute at all, though. You know, as for cat lovers, cats look cute even when they are browbeating something by opening their eyes and mouths wide and baring their fangs. And there were many funny photos included in Mr. Iwago’s works, the moment that a cat failed in a jump, for example. They were also nice.

     Anyway, my friend and I were softened by the cute cats’ photos!


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