Fresh Air



      I went to Mugi, Gifu prefecture last Sunday. It’s located near Heisei village, which became famous for the name when the name of the present era was decided to be Heisei 19 years ago.

     There’s wildness still now around the area in spite of the trend toward development. The wildness is not primitive, however, people use natural resources and live together wild animals. Since there’s no factory around there, the streams are clean and you can enjoy fishing and seeing fireflies. 

     Although wild bores or bears sometimes cause damage to the villages, they’re blessed in the meat if they can catch them. But they never try to catch them excessively. They control the numbers of the wild animals.

      Such peaceful villages have been losing population rapidly, and the fields have tended to be wasted recently.

     That’s why people, mainly young generation, try to revive their villages by attracting tourists, selling fresh vegetables, advertising heir special products and inviting people from other towns and so on.

      The place I visited is interesting. Many people get together and do many things freely; pottery, dyeing, producing and selling vegetables to tourists, for instance. They enjoy their hobbies and having big lunch almost every Sunday.

     I was able to take a deep breath in fresh air in the forest and to relax by seeing many wildflowers there. And of course, I enjoyed the wonderful lunch with friends!


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