Les Ballets Grandiva



     “Aren’t all of them women?”
     “No. They’re all men!”

     The beautiful dancers in bright dresses and high heels before my eyes looked like sensual women to me. But no, they were not women. They were men certainly. And what I thought that they were high heels were toe shoes…

     I was in a theater last Sunday with some of my friends. People who were performing gorgeously were members of Les Ballet Grandiva.

     Les Ballets Grandiva is a ballet company, and all of the members are men. Their ballet is a kind of comedy, but their performances are authentic. Their technique is on a high level.


   Strangely enough they looked like beautiful ballerinas to me  when some of them wore tutus even after knowing they’re all men.

     Yet, their muscles peeped from the costumes and strong jumps and steps indicated that they were men obviously. 

     Their performances were not only classical and typical but also modern and creative. The result of their everyday trainings and efforts were staged before me. I was really touched and excited. I’m wondering if it’s necessary for me to do some exercises…


Photos from: http://www.newyorkcool.com/archives/2007/May/feature2.htm



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