Inti Raymi



     The rain which had been pelting the night before stopped and it cleared up yesterday. The sun was shining in the cool breeze. I felt happy to find the weather was really good. I made an appointment to see some of my friends at Kanayama to join in an event outside in the evening. That’s why I’d been worrying about the weather.

     The event was named Inti Raymi, which is originally a festival in the South America for honoring the sun god of Inca, and held at Asunal in Kanayama. At the event Sisay, an Ecuadorian folklore band performed and people danced to their music. Sisay means blooming in Quechua.

      I saw Sisay first at Expo Aichi two years ago. They performed in the Andes Pavilion every day. Since I visited the Expo over 40 times, I enjoyed their live many times. Last fall I bumped into them at a festival in Miyoshi, and happened to be able to see their concert at that time. And then I’ve almost become a fan of them.

     When I found Aya, a friend of mine at Kanayama yesterday, I saw a stranger talking to Toshi, another friend next to her.

     “Who is he?” I asked to Aya.
“A friend of mine from India, named Michael.” she replied.
“Oh, really?”
“Ah, we’ve been friends since only one hour ago, though.”

       According to her, he offered to take a picture of her when she was trying to do some at the event since she arrived at Kanayama one hour before the appointed time. After small chatting, it seems that they found a kindred spirit in each other, and went to a café. And then Toshi appeared. Since he loves travel and has been to India twice, he and Michael also hit it off.

     After a while, other friends, Macha, Yasugon, and Kon also gathered and Sisay’s live started. We enjoyed listening to their music, dancing and having beer. After the live, all of the participants at the event formed a big circle, and danced going round together to the music performed by Sisay. Some people were even wearing Ecuadorian native dresses, and playing the musical instruments as well.

     The event was really fun! And during the event, Michael made friends with the all of us. I had a really good time together with my friends!


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