Yesterday it was fair without any clouds. I enjoyed a BBQ with my friends at one of them under the blue sky. The friend’s house is located in the city of Chiryu near Nagoya. My friends and I met at Nagoya Station and took the train in the morning.

     We were surprised at the scenery when we landed at the station near our friend’s house. How peaceful! There is a stream and a lot of greenery.

      We walked looking around and crossed a bridge, and then her house emerged between the greenery. We confirmed the name on the doorplate and said hello. The friend and her husband came out soon, and welcomed us to their garden.

      They already prepared for the party, and many colorful dishes were tempting me on the table. We toasted and had champagne. Then one after another, many foods were grilled and put on the plate in front of me…How much did I eat? Beef, pork, chicken, squid, prawn, crab, sausage with bone, mushroom, pumpkin, green pepper, onion, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, watermelon, strawberry, orange, sushi, yakisoba, ice cream…

      After the wonderful lunch, we entered a room where there was a grand piano and a few exercise machines as well somehow.

     We had three piano teachers at that time, and two of them played the piano. The rest of us sang a song and some of us did exercise with the machines. We had a really good time.

      The sun started setting and the cold wind was blowing when we returned to the garden, and we moved to another room with some of foods and drinks.

      We enjoyed chatting there listening to the music. How happy time flies! We had to say good-bye to each other when we realized that the night fell.

        I was able to have a wonderful time with my friends on a day off! Don’t ask me how many calories I took, please!

      I’m grateful to Japanese Jean Reno and beautiful Kuwabata. Thank you for everything!


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