A Golden Day


     On one of the holidays, I had a nice time with some of my friends. First, we went to Aichi Ranch. You can milk a cow, ride a horse, feed animals and touch them there. And it’s famous for its ice cream! Since it was really hot that day, we had the ice cream. That was nice. There were many families and couples, it was so crowded. One after another cars came and looked for the space to park. We got a little bit tired of the crowds eventually.

     That’s why we move to a coffee shop named Mori-no-oto since one of us belongs to a painting club and one of her works were exhibited there. After getting the coffee shop, we had some sandwiches and coffee, and then saw paintings. All of pictures were watercolors. It seems that one of their rules is not to use white color. So if you’d like to paint somewhere with white, you need rub wax there in advance and stay coloring, or don’t color and show the ground of the paper.

     My friend painted cyclamens. According to her, it’s difficult not to color and leave. Her work’s title is Fresh White. You know, she couldn’t use white color in it. She must have been in trouble when she was painting. I think paintings reflect the artists’ characters. Hers was gentle and delicate, but bold in places. I like it.

     Since one of us had to go home earlier, the rest of us said good-bye to her at the coffee shop, and moved to some place. I found its signboard on the way to Mori-no-oto from Aichi Ranch. It was a service area on the freeway. But we didn’t pull onto it. You can enter the service area from the normal road. Of course, your car cannot. We felt strange as if we were on the trip somewhere when we saw the freeway.

     After that, we went to a coffee shop nearby. Actually, it is not a coffee shop but a car accessory shop. But it has also a gallery and you can see an exhibition, have coffee and rent bikes as well there. Why rental bike? Because it’s located near Aichi Pond and you can stroll around the pond.    
     We looked inside of the shop, and then went to a sundry goods shop which deals in only cat motifs. The shop’s name is Neko-no-te, or cats’ paws and near the car accessory shop and Aichi Ranch. The all of us love cats! So many cats’ motifs goods caught our eyes that we wanted all and couldn’t decide what to buy. The shop has a cat named Mu-chan. Since she just got back from her patrol, we were able to play with her. That was fun! Anyway, I enjoyed one holiday with my friends!


*Aichi Ranch:
*Mori-no-oto (coffee shop) : http://www.morinooto.tokai.walkerplus.com/
*Togo Service Area: http://www.honda.co.jp/dog/highway/tomei/togo/down/
*Car-Den (Car Accessory Shop and Gallery) : http://www.fm-beat.com/carden/index.html
*Aichi Pond: http://www.water.go.jp/chubu/aityosui/what/aichiike/aichiike1.html
*Neko-no-te (Cats motifs goods shop): http://nekomamire.pinoko.jp/negoto/nekote/nekote.htm


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