Election Campaign Car











     Japan has a unified local election every four years. It is divided into two and the first half was on April 8. And the latter one is today on 22. That’s why many people had suffered from those noises recently until yesterday.

     Anyone who has been here in Japan during an election campaign must know what I mean. I don’t know how election campaigns are held in other countries, but basically Japanese way is very simple. Electioneerers just shout their own candidate’s name repeatedly with the loudspeaker, waving their hands in white colored gloves to passers-by from their campaign car. No policy, sometimes no candidate! If the candidate is somebody, he or she is too busy to do own campaign.

     Those campaign cars are really noisy! When and who started that bad way? I don’t know the answer to the question, but it’s certain that all candidates in Japan continue the practice.

     Here’s a survey about it: Do you think it’s effective in getting votes that election campaign cars call the name of candidate repeatedly? It’d been conducted by Yahoo! Japan from April 16 to 21. The number of the total votes is 20979. 73% of the voters replied “No. It has, rather, the contrary effect.” to the question and only 8% replied “Yes.”

     Most voters seem to have the same opinion: “Those election campaign cars are just noisy!” and “I will never vote the candidate whose campaign car just shouts his or her name!”

     People regard the candidates who or whose electioneerers just call their names as of selfish and stupid because those campaign cars sometimes shout near even hospitals or schools, and it has no policies there. In the terrible case, electioneerers just beg for the electorate’ votes with the loudspeaker, shouting “Help us!” I’ve heard that some electioneerers shouting “Write ○○○(the candidate’s name) on your voting paper! That’s all!” Are we electorates so stupid? Awful!

     Don’t candidates know that most people hate the way of election campaign depends on campaign cars at all? Yes, at least their electioneerers do. But they won’t stop the way because they think that they should do while their opponents keep using those campaign cars…

     There’re some reasons why the evil campaign cars exist still now, I think. Many electorates, especially young people, feel not much in politics. Recently most candidates have introduced handing their manifestos out to people, but it’s insufficient in quantity. With thinking of that, many candidates and their supporters may do nothing but calling their names to make people write them on the voting paper.

     In brief, it’s we electorates’ fault to suffer from the campaign cars. If we really want to let candidates and their electioneerers stop shouting with campaign cars, we should have more interests in politics and know people who reform conditions are we ourselves.


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