A Volunteer Guide Training Course


      I am now joining in one of courses of NHK Cultural Center in Oasis 21, Sakae named “Kantan Eigo de Nagoya Gaido” in Japanese, or “Guide round Nagoya with easy English” in English. It is a kind of volunteer guide training program hosted by Aichi Goodwill Guides Network (AGGN) http://nagoya.cool.ne.jp/aggn/ 
. It’s held twice a month, and participants are supposed to guide people from overseas at Nagoya Castle this autumn practically.

     In this month, we had already the two classes; one was for introduction, and in another one last Tuesday, we had three guests and listened to their experiences in Japan. All three are women, and the two of them are from France and another one, U.S.A.

     To my delight as Japanese, all in all it seems that they have had a good time here in Japan. They might not be able to speak out surrounded by many Japanese people, though. Wonderfully, all of the three have made yukata, which is a cotton kimono for the summer season. I’ve never done it before!

     The American woman has finished her yukata and now making a new one for her husband. She seems to be very interested in Japanese culture, and she even has own many apparatuses for Japanese tea ceremony. She brought some of them with her to the meeting and showed them to participants, but it was first time to see some of them in person for me in spite that I’m Japanese.

     “Really?!” She was very surprised at my admission. A lady who was hearing our conversation said as laughing, “Which is Japanese?”

     Yeah, I thought the same thing! I’ve never made yukata and worn kimono! I’ve never joined in a tea ceremony! I was wondering why I was sitting at one of seats for guides, no, I should have sit at a guest seat.

     I don’t like admit it, but I’m quite ignorant. I was going to study English through the course first when I applied for it, but my idea changed. It seems that I can discover the goodness of Japanese culture and learn it in the course. I’d like to learn many things on Japanese culture and to give the goodness to people from overseas someday.

     Oh! For that, I have to study not only Japanese cultural things but also English hard!

★photos: Oasis 21 in Sakae 


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