A New Class


      There are many universities in my neighborhood. Many of them have extension courses, and adult who are not undergraduates can also study there. That’s why I can receive the benefit. I have joined in a university’s open courses for some years, and a class where I belong to started yesterday.

     Basically, the academic year starts in April at most of universities in Japan. So you can see many freshmen who look nervous look around restlessly with a map on campus. Yesterday I saw many youths looking for their classrooms saying, “Where is room XXXX?!”

     I visited a cafeteria before heading for my classroom, but students filled there for lunch because my class is the third period and starts at 1:30. And many people were recruiting freshmen into their clubs or group activities outside. This time, the campus is really lively. I feel younger in the atmosphere.

     The class I take this year is for speaking of TOEIC and TOEFL tests. I’m not planning to take those tests for the present, but I applied for the class because I like the teacher and the schedule is convenient for me.

     It seems that students practice reading aloud mainly in the class. The teacher will give us many tips on how to speak English. I mean students are supposed to learn about the speed, volume, intonation, accent and so on.

     There were about a dozen undergraduates and about 7 adult in the classroom yesterday. I don’t know how many students take the class exactly until the end of the registration time. Each language class needs at least 5 undergraduates to be held. If the class has less than 5, it’ll be cancelled. It means I cannot study English at the university.

     I made a new friend in the class yesterday. According to her, she just moved around the town recently. She was so excited to study at the university. She, another friend of mine and I explored a new cafeteria and a library after class. All of us have high expectation of our campus life this year. So…

     May many undergraduates enroll the class!


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