Yang Ming-Shih Style 24 Simplified Form of Tai Chi Chuan


      Last Sunday I went to Gaishi Plaza, which used to be called Rainbow Hall, with a friend of mine to attend a big meeting of Yang Ming-Shih Style 24 simplified form of tai chi chuan. I started learning it last fall, and the friend has learned for 4 years. The meeting was held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the affiliate in Aichi prefecture.

      There were more than 2000 people of all ages and both sexes in the hall. Those 2000 people were about to do tai chi chuan together when I arrived there. That was spectacular. I didn’t doing together with them at that time because I’ve just begun learning and cannot do it well, but I would like to join them next time when it’ll be held 5 years later.

     It seems that there are many styles of tai chi chuan all over the world, and martial arts are the beginning of it. Some of them are competitive and some use arms. Yang Ming-Shih Style 24 simplified form of tai chi chuan was born and has been raised here in Japan. Mr. Yang Ming-Shih, the patriarch, was born at a good family of martial arts in China and came first to Japan as an exchange student in 1940s. But he couldn’t come back home because of the Communism Revolution at the same time. That’s why he decided to remain, and contrived and tried to popularize his own style tai chi chuan here in Japan 

      With the origin of it, Yang Ming-Shih Style tai chi chuan is no longer in Chinese martial arts or exercise. It is a Japanese exercise for building up your health. It differs widely in that others are sometimes competitive. Yang Style one, rather, avoids competition. It looks like a dance and it is often compared to the action of cranes.

     In the meeting, there were many performances by learners. I was impressed by elderly people’s one. All of them were over 77 years old. The oldest was 90. More than 100 people of them did tai chi together. They looked very energetic and beautiful. Late medical treatment tends to life extension, but it is missing living happily and healthy. And the missing point is an aim for doing Yang Style tai chi chuan. It is said that it improves circulation and strengthens inner muscles. And if you are fit as a fiddle, you must be happy!

 By the way, age of 77 means happy in Japan. The abbreviation of the Chinese character for happiness looks like the number 77. And 7 is also considered a lucky number.

     Anyway, I hope live long happily and healthily!


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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am looking for the book, the Quick & Easy Eight Simple Chinese Exercises for Health, by Yang Ming-shih, T’AI-CHI CH’UAN. Where can I find this book? thank you

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