On Tuesday of the 27th, I joined in a kind of reunion, which was a party for the people who had taken an English class of an Australian teacher at a university before, and about 10 people got together.

     We had the party at a Chinese restaurant named Cross in Sakae. I thought “Cross” sounded a little bit curious for a Chinese restaurant when I heard its name, but the real restaurant was more curious.

      Cross is on the 6th floor of a building in northern Sakae. It is quite dim inside the restaurant, where the room is carpeted throughout, and I almost tripped up on it. All the tables and the seats are low, and all of the seats are sofas. There is a piano and a bar counter, and no smell of Chinese food. Yes, it looks like a nightclub.

      What surprised me was not only the restaurant’s atmosphere but also the attendants. The one who came out when I arrived there was dressed in black: a black suit and a black shirt. His tie was maybe dark-gray and his hair was dyed light brown. He said, “Welcome” without smile and let me inside. Other staffs in black were standing there and they also said, “Welcome”, but I couldn’t see if they were smiling or not because it was too dim inside to know. Yes, they look like the ones at a club where male companions entertain women.

     You can enjoy smorgasbord there. You can select anything from over 40 kinds of Chinese food and eat them as much as you can eat for only 1980 yen. And you can enjoy a live performance by a musician who sings to his own piano accompaniment there. 

     I’ll introduce the participants at the party:

     K is a science teacher at a junior high school and is wise in social issues. He is the organizer of it that time.

     MS used to belong to a big international institution and she has a good command of language. She is now polishing her English skill because she is going to stay in Australia for while this year. Her daughter is getting married with an Australian man soon!

     Y is a cat-lover like me and an English teacher. She is supposed to teach English to kids at an elementary school this year. She is excited now because it’s the first time to teach there for her.

     R is stopping teaching English now but used to be a teacher. She is positive with learning English. She let her son, who is a high-school student, to study abroad last year.

     H just gave birth to a boy last October! She is also an English teacher and amazingly keeps teaching still now after birth.

     I think T is great because she studies English hard, taking care of her kids, husband, and a mother-in-law who needs nursing. She is not only into learning English but also many things! For example, seeing movies and plays and exhibitions etc…How does she manage all of them?

     MH loves cats and has one named Benz, and is a temp staff. She is supposed to work at a university from this spring. She studies a kind of psychiatry and English, working.

     YS is an English teacher at a junior high school. According to him, he started studying English when he was 40 years old, and he is now 55. His present aim is studying abroad be in office and makes use of what he acquired there in his classes.

      A is a young par-time worker. She studies English, working hard. Probably she would like to get a job where she can use English in the near future.

      I was really stimulated by them. It was not only effort at leaning English but also the way of life. They gave me much energy. Anyway I had a good time together with my friends at a curious restaurant!


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