St. Valentine’s Day


     How times flies! Now we are in March! I wrote just two subjects here last month! It wasn’t that I had nothing to write, though…February has already gone, but I’m going to write a big event of last month; St. Valentines Day.

     February is a quite important month for girls in Japan because of the event of St. Valentine’s Day. I think many people all over the world express their affection for someone on the day. Of course, Japanese people do the same, but we have a little bit strange custom on the event. In Japan, St. Valentine’s Day is a special day that women give chocolates to men. It’s a really funny custom that only women give only chocolate to men on the day.

     Interestingly we have another special day called White day. It’s on March 14th. Yes, it’s just one month after St, Valentine’s Day. Men who get chocolates have to return something for it to the ladies on March 14th. Men usually give women cookies, candies, hankies, and so on in return.

    On St. Valentine’s Day, women who have boyfriends enjoy dating on the day, of course. But if you are female and don’t have a boyfriend or anyone to give your love to, you may think that St. Valentine’s day is only sending chocolates to your colleagues and bosses for smooth communication. Those chocolates which is given to men by women without love is called giri-choko in Japanese. Giri means obligation and choko means chocolates.

    You can find yourself in the crowd of women at the sweets department of stores when St. Valentine’s Day is coming. Many women complain about the custom to send chocolates to their co-workers, but they enjoy choosing chocolates at the department store, actually. Every year confectioneries launch new chocolates out, and many women look forward to them in spite of themselves.

     According to a survey, in the confectionery world, their profit is up to ¥50 billion during only St. Valentine’s Day sales battle. That’s why, St. Valentine’s Day is not only a day of a funny custom but also is an important day economically. By now, most people know the custom is really ridiculous, but we cannot stop it because of the economic influence now.

     As for me, St. Valentine’s Day is not so important, because the day is my birthday! I am more  interested in getting something as birthday presents than in giving chocolotes to men!


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