Natto Rhapsody


     A TV program said on January 7th that you could become thin within only two weeks if you ate two packs of natto every day. Natto is fermented soybeans and is one of traditional Japanese foods, which is well-known for its nutritional value. Despite the value, natto is quite cheep. You can buy three packs of natto (one pack holds 50g) for less than 100 yen.

     All you have to do for a diet is just eating two packs of natto every day! If you keep going on the diet for two weeks, it’ll cost only 900 yen! Next morning of the televising, natto vanished all over Japan. Many people especially women seized upon the diet! The cases in which natto was usually sold at any stores had been empty for about two weeks since the TV program was telecasted.

     Those people who were able to get natto stirred it dreaming their ideal figure, and those who couldn’t get any natto looked about for one desperately. Incidentally I belonged to the latter…

     The phenomenon, however, didn’t last long. The natto diet was concocted. The fact rose to the surface on 20th. It was a flat lie! The TV production made up a likely story for getting good audience rating. The TV program finished and the people concerned were dismissed because of the deplorable affair.

    Many women were danced. Many natto makers were leaded by the dance. People were only danced to natto rhapsody…


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