Fujiya Scandal


     It was on 11th that that unbelievable news spread. The news was that Confectionery Fujiya had used old milk in its cream puffs. Fujiya is the third largest western style confectionery in Japan. It was founded in 1910. They lost public trust before their 100th birthday which was close at hand.

     Even the news was bad, but one after another Fujiya’s evildoing surfaced. The company used other ingredients which passed their use-by dates besides old milk and shipped their products which contained unacceptable level of bacteria knowingly, and often falsified the dates when you can enjoy the food. What’s more, they seem to have a special rule called "three seconds rule". Even though they drop food on the floor, they sell it if they can pick it up within three seconds by the rule.

     According to the report on Fujiya, they kept on using old ingredients after the bad custom was revealed last November in-house examination. Rather, they kept hiding the fact and kept selling during the Christmas season. For them, their profit is more important than consumers’ health.

     Regrettably, it is not only Fujiya to commit injustice and hide the fact for pursuit of profit. I think the figure of the scandal is the same as the affairs of deceptive operation of design of earthquake-proof construction by Aneha, and of cheat of subjects  to be studied in high schools. Hiding wrongs is Japanese specialty. And in most of the concealment of scandals, some of the people concerned commit suicide after disclosure.  I hope no one die by Fujiya Scandal this time. 


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