The Observations on Long-legged Wasps


     I think it is too late to write this now, but I am going to…That was a morning when a typhoon was on its way…

      I was in the balcony of my apartment to get the flowerpots from the fence because the gale warning in the morning of August 8th. A typhoon was on its way. When I moved a flowerpot, I found a long-legged wasps’ nest behind it on the wall! I was petrified. I thought all of the wasps were looking at me.  As soon as I put the flowerpot on the floor, I entered the room and shut the window. Then I came back to the balcony with my cellphone to take a picture of the nest!          

      The wasps multiplied rapidly!
 I couldn’t be
in the balcony which was a dager zone! It started to look like a desert because I abandoned my plants. (I’m sorry!)

      Why didn’t I get rid of the nest? I was going to remove it imidiately for the first time, of course. But I changed my mind. There are some reasons  for it. One is that I read that long-legged wasps are gentle and seldom attack unless people provoke them and that they move out by November on the Internet. And I started to be interested in them while I was seeing them everyday!

       I started to like them when I saw they trying to protect their babies in a body. It was on September 10th when another typhoon was coming.

       I noticed that no wasps were at their nest on September 26th. I had thought they decreased gradually, but I saw some indeed the day before.

        After expecting some of them to the nest for a while, I took it off from the wall of the balcony…

       I don’t like wasps, but I started to think that at least long-legged wasps are cute. And I am interested in their behavior.


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