Mamani Mamani – Great Fuji Ⅱ


     Because Co had to go to work, Mamani Mamani, Lucy, Aya and I said to good-bye to him and we went for lunch then. We had gyu-don. bowls of rice topped with cooked beef and vegetables. After lunch Mamani Mamani and Lucy went shopping at a 100yen shop. Lucy  bought may ties for souvenirs and Mamani Mamani bought many maki-su, a Japanese kitchen utensil woven by bamboo and it’s  used to make sushi roll. I heard from Aya that he started to like nori, sea weed, but I wondered what he was going to do so many makisu… 

      After happy shopping, we went to Tokyo American Club, where they were supposed to have a party. They had to join in a staff meeting there. We walked to the building from Roppongi, where there were many police officers who were guarding embassies and consulates from terrorists. There are many such kind of facilities in Roppongi area. Mamani Mamani seemed to think there was a crime or something around there because some of the buildings were under close guard.

     While walking I saw Tokyo Tower. The tower has been very popular recently because a novel entitled Tokyo Tower was a great hit, though I haven’t been there. I thought I was in Tokyo at that time because the tower is a symbol of Tokyo.

     After visiting Tokyo American Club, Aya and I had to say good-bye to Mamani Mamani and Lucy. We promised to see each other next year. They are supposed to come here to Japan next year, too! According to them, they seem to have exhibitions in Tokyo and Nagoya next time. If they come to Nagoya, I’ll be able to see them easier.

      That was short time, but I had a great time together with Mamani Mamani, Lucy, Aya and Co. Thank you to all of them!


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