Mamani Mamani – Great Fuji


     I went to Tokyo to see two of my Bolivian friends and two of my Japanese friends the other day. The Bolivians are a painter Mamani Mamani and his business partner Lucy, and the Japanese are one of my ex-coworker Aya and one of my Internet friends Co. Mamani Manamni came here to Japan with Lucy this time because of his exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka.

     Mamani Mamani was born in Bolivia. He’s very proud of his Aymaran descent and depicts the spirit and colors characteristic of the Aymaran art in his paintings.

     I met Mamani Mamani and Lucy at Expo in Aichi prefecture last year. Mamani Mamani exhibited his works at Expo, and he and Lucy had stayed here during the exhibition for a half year. I visited Expo many times, in fact I visited more than 40 times, and became friends with them there.

     Interestingly Aya also visited Expo many times although she lives in Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture, and became friends with Mamani Mamani and Lucy!  Aya didn’t know that I was a friend of them, and I  didn’t know either that she was also a friend of them for a while!

     One day Aya and I found out the fact that both of us were friends of Mamani Mamani and Lucy when we happened to go to Expo together last year. We were very surprised at it. And of course, Mamani Mamani and Lucy were also really surprised when they knew we had been friends! So Aya and I decided to see them together this time.

     By the way, I have many friends in "mixi", one of the biggest social networking services on the web in Japan. Some of my "mixi" friends know Mamani Mamani and some of them went to  his exhibition in Tokyo this time. Co is one of them.

     When I wrote to Co about the plan of visiting Tokyo, I thought he and I wouldn’t be able to see each other this time because I didn’t have that time. But he replied, "I think I can go to  the place at the time before going to my job!" So he also came to the place where Aya and I had decided to meet the Bolivians each other. 

      According to Co, he was really impressed at Mamani Mamani’s paintings in his exhibition. He wanted to show Manamani Mamani some photos of Mt. Fuji, which is the highest mountain in Japan, taken by himself because the theme of the exhibition was Mt. Fuji.
Co loves climbing mountains and taking photos. The Mt. Fuji’s photos were taken by him from the second highest mountain when he reached at the peak.

    Mamani Mamani was very impressed by those photos when we met. And he was so pleased to be given one of them from Co and and drew the sun for him in return.

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