Christmas Tea Concert


     Do you know M&P’s Tea? It is a tea company in Japan. They sometimes have Tea Concert, in which following the concert, an afternoon tea party is usually held, too. Whenever they inform me about their Tea Concert, I always join them. I like to listen to the music, but to tell the truth, the reason why I go to their Tea Concert because that I like Paul’s cucumber sandwiches with his special recipe. Paul is M&P’s P and is one of the owners.

     There was a Tea Concert on 2nd in the City of Nisshin, which is next to Nagoya. It was the 11th concert and the first Christmas concert for the company. They served mince pies this time. For me, it was the first time to try one. Mince pies are traditional sweet pastry from Scotland eaten in only the Christmas season.
     Paul told the audience some mince pie’s trivia at the concert:
      1. Eating seven mince pies in different places before Christmas is lucky.
      2. Mince pies are made from "mincemeat" which contains no meat.
      3. Mince pies should be eaten in silence!
   Oh, I didn’t know them! I had thought that mince pies had meat inside! And it’s very interesting that you should be quiet when you eat mince pies. But I chatted with my mom when I tried one after the concert…

     The mince pies were very nice. And I enjoyed having their hand-made cucumber sandwiches, scones and cakes with their many types of tea as usual.

     Oh, I haven’t mentioned about the concert itself yet! This time I was able to listen to wonderful string quartet performed by H-Mountains Quartet:
       Quartet No.75 Op. 76, No1 (J. Haydn)
       Antique Dance and Aria No.3 – Italiana & Siciliana (O. Respighi)
       Tango (I. Albeniz)
       Pizzicato Polka (J. & J. Strauss)
       Meditation from "Thais" (J. Massenet)
       Czardas (V. Monti)
      It was my first time to see pizzicato. Their music was very nice not only to listen to but also to look at.


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