Paella for 100 people


     I learn Spanish from a handsome (!) Spanish man, Mariano. (I was absent from his lesson today because I caught a cold, though…) He is a cook, too. He cooks paella for 100 people once on the first Sunday in Komaki city.

     There is a farm named Kuri-No-Ki Ranch there. They process meat and eggs, produce vegetables, and sell them. And they have a cafeteria as well. Mariano cooks paella at the event there.

     I had longed to try his big paella for a long time, and at last I was able to go there and to taste the paella on November 5th. That was really nice! I ate some fried chicken wings and boiled liver with sweet soy sauce before having the paella because I was too hungry to wait. Those foods were also wonderful!

     The farm has a beautiful garden and two ponies, too. Why don’t you visit there once?

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