Nagoya City Archives


     One of my Tai Chi company devotes herself to weave. The group to which she belongs had an exhibition at Nagoya City Archives the other days. As I am very interested in textile, I went there to see the exhibition on November 8th.

     Nagoya City Archives is a neo-baroque style beautiful red brick building and the building itself is an important national cultural asset. It used to be the Nagoya Supreme Court before. So many law offices remain around the building still now. Most of them are very old and they make the street nostalgic.

     I had seen the building of Nagoya City Archives from outside before, but it was my first time to enter it. As soon as I entered the building, I was very impressed with the beautiful stained glasses on the wall and the ceiling. The banisters of the staircases were elaborate and imposing, too.

     There are many rooms inside and some of them are used by exhibitions. I saw a textile exhibition where my friend submitted her works to, and another exhibition of pictures made from torn off Japanese paper. Both of the exhibitions were really interesting.

     After seeing them, I explored the building. It has old detention rooms and you can see one of them. The lockup was a very tiny room and looked ominous. Maybe because those of rooms are in the basement and I went there alone, I felt a little bit scared and a chill.

     I went out of the building immediately and took fresh air outside. But I still had a shiver and started to have a headache after leaving the building. I thought I became out of shape because of someone’s curse in the lockups.

     But I was wrong. I caught a cold! And still now I have a cold!

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