Culture Day


     November 3rd is Culture Day in Japan. It’s a national holiday. As the day this year was Friday, many people can had three consecutive holidays. And during the holidays, there were festivals in most of the universities in my area.

    With I am now going to two universities to study English and Tai Chi, I have many friends there. One of them belongs to the calligraphy club in one of the universities, and she exhibited some her works at the university festival. That’s why I went to the university’s festival to see her calligraphies.

     The calligraphy club used two big lecture rooms for the exhibition during the festival at the university. Usually all desks and chairs are fixed in the rooms. I mean you cannot move the desks and chairs at all. But they moved all of desks and chairs away for the exhibition! According to a club member, those desks and chairs were terribly heavy! Yeah, I understand…

     All of their calligraphies were fantastic! You know, Japanese (Chinese) calligraphy is usually expressed characters by only black ink on white paper. Those letters became not only symbols but also fine arts by their hands. Even the light and shade of ink on paper express something. The monochrome world was really subtle and profound.

    Because I haven’t written characters by brush for a long time and seldom watch calligraphy, it was a good opportunity for spending Culture Day for me.


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