They’re musicians, not the Mafia!


     On Sunday of October 22nd, I went to Miyoshi, which is a town located the southern east from Nagoya, with a friend of mine. There was a festival named International Festa in the town and my Peruvian friend’s dance team was supposed to dance there. 

     The Peruvian friend is from Lima, Peru and now is a graduate student in Japan. She established a dance team named Rosario Folklore Peru about three years ago and introduces Peruvian culture to Japanese people, mainly traditional Peruvian folk dances.

     She and her dance team’s members danced cheerfully in beautiful traditional Peruvian costumes. Both of their dances and costumes were really fantastic!

     As there were some ethnic food stalls in the festival, the friend who went to the festival with me and I tried some of the foods after seeing the dance: Sri Lankan curry noodle, Brazilian barbecue called Churrasco, French fries, Chinese fried chicken, and Vietnamese coffee.

     I was enjoying the food when the friend said, “Oh! Here comes the Mafia!”

     What? The Mafia? When I looked up the direction she pointed, I saw some men walking. Most of them were wearing black colored clothing and sunglasses with long black hair. 

     “No! They are not the Mafia! They are Ecuadorian musicians! They belong to a folklore band named Sisay!”, I said to the friend. 

     Jesus! Why are they here?! I like their music!

     I checked the program of the festival immediately, but I didn’t find their names anywhere. While I was looking for the information about them, they were gone.

     After lunch, the friend and I enjoyed shopping at the festival. I bought a metallic coffee filter for Vietnamese coffee for 100 yen and a bottle of Sri Lankan spirit named Arrack, which is made from Coconut’s blossoms, for 500 yen.

     We were going to try some costumes of different countries and looking for the place. But we found a hall instead. And we found that there were some events in the hall: an orchestra’s performance, Japanese famous athlete Koji Murofushi’s talk show, a concert by Paraguayan musical instrument arpas and then Sisay’s concert! That’s why the Mafia was there!

     Fortunately we were able to enter the hall and got nice seats, and of course enjoyed the event there!

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