Curious Coincidence



     On Sunday of October 29th, there was a festival named World Collabo Festival in Sakae district. Rosario Folklore Peru, of which my Peruvian friend Rosario is the leader, performed there and I went to see it.

     In Sakae there is a square named Oasis 21. It looks like a huge spaceship. The festival was held at the strange looking place.

    Rosario and her dance team members were wearing beautiful traditional Peruvian clothing. Their performance was really wonderful! One of them looks very sexy, but I was really surprised to hear that she is still 14 years old!

     After seeing their dance, I went to another even area next to Oasis 21. There were many stalls. Most of them were selling ethnic goods, for example, Indian clothing and food, African drums and dolls, musical instrumentals of Andes area and so on.

     As the passage was very narrow, people couldn’t move smoothly and started getting jammed. I heard drums’ sounds when I went ahead by little by little. Someone seemed to be dancing in the narrow passage.

     At last I was able to see what was happening there. Two black men were dancing to rhythm of the bongo drums.

     At the moment I found out who were dancing, the dancers looked at me and shouted my name! Wow! They remember me, even my name! The men are from Senegal. I struck up an acquaintance with them last year, but we hadn’t contacted each other for a while. What a coincidence to meet them there!

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