Harvesting Rice


     Time flies! It’s November now! I haven’t written here for a long time…But it’s not that I didn’t have anything special to write here. I rather had many precious experiences last month.

     On October 19th, I had to get up really earlier than usual because I was supposed to go to a place by 8:00 in the morning. I sometimes help a person who teaches children about nature. An elementary school’s kids were going to reap rice at a tiny paddy in a green tract of land on that day. The person whom I help was the adviser for harvesting rice this time.

     When the adviser and I arrived at the place, some people had already been there. Some of them were advisers like him, and the rest were the kid’s parents. While we were preparing for harvest, kids appeared leaded by their teachers. And then more parents showed up.

     Each kid had a partner, and while one were reaping rice, another one got the rice and put them on the foot path. That was done for a while, and then they switch the role.

     First kids looked like that they didn’t want to step into the paddy, but they started being not care that they got muddy gradually. Some of the kids started doing mischief to their friends with dirt. Some tried to catch frogs or other creatures. Some were dancing with a sheaf of rice.

     As I was born and raised in a town, for me it was first time to experience harvest. I had a nice time with kid and their parents and teachers.

     By now they may have finished having the rice for lunch.


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