Festival at AHI



     On Monday there was a festival in AHI. I went there with some of my friends. I’ve written about AHI before, it is the initials for Asia Health Institute. http://moshimoshimo.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!1D0F2197A6F55843!893.entry They open their facility several times a year. They have some medical courses and accept many trainees from Asian countries. So a completion ceremony was also held at the festival.

     I had a little bit opportunity to take a lecture on the medical situation of Asian countries, for example about children’s mortality rate, from Dr. Kawahara, who is the director of Aichi International Hospital. As Dr. Kawahara has been in Nepal as a doctor before, he told audiences many things through his experiences. That was a nice lecture.

     Of course, I didn’t only take the lecture there, but I ate many foods there! There were many stalls at the festival. I had a stew of pork with pineapples, grilled pork on skewer with sweet sauce, saffron rice, and Korean rice cake and vegetables with hot chili sauce, and so on.

     After lunch I tried to wear sally, which is Indian traditional costume. Some of my friends also tried, too. Although I thought I looked cute, most of my friends said, “You look strange!” Probably they said so because my hair was very short and I was wearing sunglasses. I have never seen an Indian lady in sally with short hair and sunglasses. Besides I was wearing five fingers socks, and holding a shoulder bag, which was not match the sally, at that time.

     Before changing, a friend of mine and I decided to go to take some pictures somewhere nice. We were looking for a nice place to take pictures because there were too many people at the festival place. We found a nice building near AHI, and decided to take pictures at the entrance of it. A woman came out of the building when I was about to shoot the friend. We thought she was upset to find us taking pictures there. But we were wrong. She said this.

     “Could you come and show your beautiful costumes to elderly people, please?”


     We followed the woman and entered the building. There were about 20 elderly women inside. All of them were sitting on the wheel chairs. They seemed to be about to sing a song together. They were surprised at our appearances and stared at us. So I said, “Hello, everyone! We are not Indian!”

     Some of the women reached and touched the sally. After that, a staff took some pictures of us there. When we began leaving, some staffs said, “Please sing a hymn together!”

     Hymn? The building was a Christian nursing home! I sang the hymn together with them although I hadn’t known it. I was able to have a rare opportunity.

     Anyway, I had a wonderful time at AHI’s festival!


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