Hotel Rwanda


     Hotel Rwanda is a movie based on a true story of the Rwandan Genocide. I wrote about the genocide last night.!1D0F2197A6F55843!921.entry

     The hero of the story is Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in Rwanda. He is Hutu, but his wife is Tutsi. In the circumstances where all Tutsi people are killed by Hutu extremists and its followers, Paul Rusesabagina makes an effort to protect his family and other people.

     He hesitates to help other people and to get mixed up in the war in the beginning of the genocide. He wants to protect just his family and his own life at that time. But gradually the madness is getting greater and greater. He realizes that Rwanda is abandoned from international society, no one protects people including his family and himself and he cannot rely on anyone. Then he tries to do anything he can for helping not only his family but also other people. He ends up in saving over 1200 people during 100 days of the genocide.

     Why does genocide often happened somewhere in the world? Genocide means that the murder of a whole race or group of people. A race eradicates another race…Sometimes it is used as a strategy by the government to let their citizens look away from some domestic problems, for example, poverty.

     Then why did Hutu hate Tutsi so much, and end up in the massacre? Mr. Rusesabagina says in his book, “The parents of these people had been told over and over again that they were uglier and stupider than Tutsis. They were told they would never be as physically attractive or as capable of running the affairs of the country. It was a poisonous stream of rhetoric designed to reinforce the power of the elite. When the Hutus came to power they spoke evil words of their own, fanning the old resentments, exciting the hysterical dark places in the heart.”

     The teacher in my psychology class on Thursday mentioned the word “projection”. If you think a person looks angry when you see him or her, it means you may angry at something. If you hate some people when you see them, it means you may hate yourself. That’s projection. Normally, people don’t want to accept the fact that they hate themselves. So they sometimes aim their hatred of themselves at other people.

     People who cannot love themselves cannot love anyone. But at the same time, they are desperate to be loved and love someone.

     Anyway, the civil war in Rwanda finished. Mr. Rusesabagina and his family live in Belgium. I hope such terrible things never happen again.

Hotel Rwanda – Theatrical Trailer
Click the icon, you can see the trailer of the movie. An advertising clip streams before the tralier.

Courtesy of IFILM


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