The Rwandan Genocide


      I take an English class at a university on Thursdays. The class is not an ordinary English conversation class, but is a psychology class. In the class, we use movies for studying. We have seen Hotel Rwanda since this term started. Hotel Rwanda is described the Rwandan Genocide, which was the massacre of a tribe called Tutsi carried out by another tribe Hutu in 1994. I am going to write about the movie later on, today I write about the Rwandan Genocide first.

      After World War I, main European countries divided Africa and possessed the countries as their colonies. Rwanda had been controlled by Belgium since the time until they became independent in 1962. While Belgium ruled over Rwanda, Belgian government gave Tutsi people important positions because they decided that Tutsi was greater than Hutu statistically. But the statistics itself is unreliable. Both of tribes are not so different exactly. It is said that the classification was just used for ruling Rwanda by Belgium as a strategy.

       In 1962, after Belgium left, Tutsi started controlling Rwanda. But at the same time, Hutu started taking a defiant toward Tutsi’s rule. Hutu had oppressed for a long time since Rwanda became Belgian colony. Their discontent was about to erupt by in 1962. But it was not for all Hutu people, but for just some people at that time.

       Some Hutu people’s groups carried out a coup d’état in 1973. And in 1990 a civil war started. In 1993 Tutsi government arrived at a peace agreement with Hutu rebels. But in April 1994, an airplane which had the Rwandan president was shot down. With the president’s death as a start, the genocide began by Hutu extremists. In July 1994, Rwandan Patriotic Front, which had been founded by Tutsi people, succeeded in gaining ascendancy over the Hutu armed groups. And the 100 days civil war finished at last. It is said that over 1million people were killed by the massacre.


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