The Fresh



     October! I started many things! I decided to take a Tai Chi course, a Spanish class, and some of English classes this fall. The Tai Chi class and the Spanish class started two days ago, an English class started yesterday and another English class starts tomorrow! And I started a new blog two days ago, too! I am trying to write it in Spanish!

     Tai Chi Course

     The Tai Chi course is held at a university. The course has 12 lessons this term. Actually it is not my first time to take the course. I took the same one two years ago. But I couldn’t finish it because I had a bike accident and my rib was broken. I had to quit the course! As you know, you have to move your body very slowly when you do Tai Chi. The slow movement is very hard for me. Some of my muscles which aren’t usually used are screaming now! No! I am screaming in muscle pain now, actually!

      Spanish Class

      I hadn’t study Spanish for over two months! Oh, no! I forgot most of things I had learned! You know, I don’t have many opportunities to use even English here in Japan. For Spanish, where do I use it? Why am I studying Spanish, then? Hmmm…I snapped out of it! I am interested in Spanish. It’s true. So I decided to make an environment for using Spanish. That’s why I started a Spanish blog!

      Spanish Blog

     The title is “La Habitación de Moshimoshimo”. It means Moshimoshimo’s Room in English. Yes, the title meaning is the same as this page. If you are interested in my Spanish blog, please take a look at it:

    After publishing my first Spanish blog, I was surprised to find a comment for it. A Puerto Rican boy wrote to me! Of course, it was written in Spanish! Oh, no! I couldn’t understand his message! You know, although it’s not skillful I can write in Spanish if I can take much time and use the dictionary many times. But I can hardly read Spanish yet! Anyway it’s interesting that sometimes I can have encounters in the cyber world.

      New English Class

      A new class started at NHK Cultural Center in Sakae yesterday. The class is not a normal conversational class, but is a kind of phonetic class. I am expecting to learn basic phonetics of American English there. Some people said to me, “It’s waste of time and money.” But I am interested in English pronunciation. I have never studied it before. So I think it’s a good opportunity to improve my English this time. There are 11 students in the class: young workers, not young workers, housewives, retired people…the class has people of various occupations and ages. I enjoyed the first class last night!

      And another new English class starts tomorrow! I am looking forward to seeing my teacher and classmate in the classroom and to studying many new things there!


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