Singing Fighter?



     Last Sunday I went to Tea Concert held by M&P’s Tea, a tea company, at Yama-no-Hall in Nisshin City. M&P’s Tea sometimes have Tea Concert, where you can listen to wonderful music and after the concert you can enjoy afternoon tea party.

     The players were a macho bas baritone singer named Ken Yasuda and a female pianist named Yuka Fukuda that time. The bas baritone singer used to be a wrestler of K-1. His body is built up and he looks like a wrestler rather than a singer. To the contrary, the pianist is very skinny, and it’s amazing that her thin arms create powerful music on the piano. Beauty and Beast…

     After concert I had an opportunity to talk to Ken, having many kinds of wonderful tea with some sweets and delicious cucumber sandwiches (I love the cucumber sandwiches! According to the organizer, they seem to make the sandwiches by secret recipe!).

     Ken told me that he tried to sing clearly because he had noticed that the lyrics were important. He thinks all singers have to sing more carefully thinking of the meanings of the words. He said, “It’s a kind of task for all singers. But it’s really difficult to accomplish to send the words to audiences when we sing.”

     So I said him, “Oh! You are a fighting singer, then! Or maybe a singing fighter!?” He replied me, “Ah, I prefer to be called a singing fighter!”

     Anyway I had a wonderful time at the Tea Concert.

     Ken Yasuda :

     M&P’s Tea:



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