Food and Health



     Today my third intensive course finished. The final topic was food and health. According to the handout the teacher in the course gave the students, it seems that in UK the government will limit junk food advertising on TV for children’s health.

     Here in Japan, you can see many food and drink advertisements on TV.; snacks like potato chips, convenience food like instant noodles, sweet drinks like cola, fast food, dairy products, and alcohol like beer and so on. And most of them are not so good for health.

     In UK, they care about pediatric obesity mainly, but in Japan not only children’s overweight but also their skinniness is a big problem. I think both issues are because of lack of education and floods of information, of course there are also other causes, though.

     Both parents and children are too busy to care diet nowadays. I often see children bite snacks or sweet rolls in the bus probably in spare moments from schools to cram schools in the evening. Maybe they have dinner on the bus! Obviously their diet is lack of nutritious.

     And because girls, especially teenagers, care about their figures too much, they are often on excessive diet. So their diet is inadequate for growing as well.

     Nevertheless adults care about their health too much. One of the reasons is the progress of aging society, I think. Everyone wants to live longer without disease. So there are many healthy food advertisements on TV at the same time when there are many junk food promotions there. 

     Particularly, special functional foods guaranteed by the government, for example, oolong tea which can reduce fat and retard assimilation of saturated fat, are getting popular and popular in Japan. But sometimes people tend to be just incited by information.

     A movement that too skinny fashion models are shut out from shows in Spain and Italy has happened. It may be time for thinking our eating habit and health now in Japan, too. 


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