The Glass Ceiling


     As I wrote in the latest two diaries, I am now taking an English course at a university. The teacher gives the students in each class a handout for the day’s topic. On the third day of the course, the topic was women. And the handout’s title was “Top women cheated by pay gap”, which was written by Lorna Martin.

     According to the article, more women are getting top jobs in UK, but the pay gap between men and women is greater than in low-paid jobs. It means that the ‘glass ceiling’ remains still now there. But the article also says that the problem for the pay gap is made by women themselves.

     It says that the main problem is the existence of a ‘psychological barrier’. What is the psychological barrier? It means that women make themselves weak and modest. Women tend to underestimate their abilities and to avoid taking responsible jobs by thinking of their weakness.

     I thought it was very interesting and was very surprising when I read the article because the situation in UK and in Japan is very similar. In Japan, lately many women have jobs, especially even after marriage. Yes, it’s common that both of husband and wife work and have double income nowadays.

     However, house chores and child care tend toward women’s roles still now. That’s why women don’t agree to work long hours and to take on many responsibilities at work. Besides, I’ve heard of that most men don’t want their wives to make much money and most women hope to rely on their husbands. That’s interesting psychology.

     Many people have called for sexual equality, but both of men and women may don’t want true sexual equality in depth psychology. As far as both sexes have that psychology, the ‘glass ceiling’ won’t vanish forever, I think.


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