Life in the old dog yet


     It was media that on the second day’s topic in the course I am taking now. Nowadays we can much information from various media: print media like newspaper and magazines and electronic media like TV, radio and the Internet.

     Many people must think print media will be killed off by the rise of the Internet in the near future. But according to the handout given by the teacher in the course, the development of electronic technology doesn’t mean that newspapers will disappear.

     As for me, I seldom read newspapers lately because I can get most information from the Internet. The newspapers’ news is not new any more. The world is always changing. With regard to speed, electronic media is more quickly than print. You can know the latest news from the flash on TV and the radio. And the headlines on the news website changes every second.

     Especially, the Internet is an interactive medium. You can not only get information but also give it, too. The Internet has another role as a communication tool. Of course, it has many problems, for example it is sometimes fraudulent and still lawless. Yet I think it is very convenient for life.

     The handout said that the technology is not yet as flexible as newspapers, in that it is difficult to read a laptop while riding a crowded train. Yes, it’s true. Newspapers can be read anywhere anytime without power. And it mentioned that newspapers are investing heavily in websites where they can continue to deliver reliable news and comment, and each medium is demanded for good reporting and analysis more than ever.

     So some newspapers will die and some will exist. It will depend on their content ultimately, I think. Personally I think old newspapers are very useful, though…


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