Welcome Party


     I’ll continue a talk…(http://moshimoshimo.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!1D0F2197A6F55843!893.entry)

     The friend called me in yesterday morning and said, “Please come to A.H.I around 4 o’clock because I have a meeting from 3 to 4. And from 4 o’clock Welcome Party is held and you can have some ethnic food there.” To tell the truth, I didn’t understand her words at all. What meeting is she going to take part in? What is the Welcome Party?

     I arrived at the building which has Aichi International Hospital and Asian Health Institute a little bit before 4 o’clock. When I met the friend at the entrance, she said, “OK, then, I’ll show you a man who is supposed to homestay at my house. Now I am in a little bit trouble because there was a pause in the conversation with him! Come here!”

     So I got it. The meeting she attended was for homestay. She is a host mother! And the Welcome Party was for people who would homestay from yesterday!

     There were many people in the room when I entered. Some of them were wearing their traditional clothing. The friend introduced me to the man who would stay at her house. He is a mathematic professor at a university in Nepal. He is from Pokhara, Nepal.

All of the people who homestay this time are now taking a course named International Leadership Development Course at A.H.I. Most of them are engaged in health care. And the rest of them are educators.

At the party, there were many various shows by members. That was fun. After the shows, we enjoyed ourselves having many ethnic foods and chatting with people. I got a new Nepali boyfriend! Ha-ha-ha! Namaste!


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