A.H.I – Asian Health Institute


     The other day, my mom told me that she was going to throw some shoes away because she didn’t have opportunities to wear them. At that moment when I heard her words, I remembered a bazaar would be held soon.

     A friend of mine asked me during my second intensive course to contribute some something to the bazaar at A.H.I. I didn’t know anything about the A.H.I, but I agreed to her request.

     When I asked the friend if I could bring ladies shoes for the bazaar the other day, she asked me to bring things in Saturday afternoon at A.H.I.

     Actually, I had taken the A.H.I for A.I.H until yesterday. There is a hospital named Aichi International Hospital in Nisshin City. I had never visited to the hospital before, but I have known it is near Aichi Bokujo, a ranch because I saw the signboard many times whenever passing by the ranch.

     The word, A.H.I is written on the signboard of the hospital. That’s why, I had taken the word for A.I.H and it was shortened for Aichi International Hospital until yesterday! I had made a mistake! A.H.I is located in the building of the hospital. That is, A.H.I is completely another institute from the hospital!

     So what is A.H.I? A.H.I is shortened for Asian Health Institute. http://www.jca.apc.org/ahi/english/english.html And as I wrote above, it is in the same building which has the hospital. Actually I don’t know about the institute well, it was established for helping Asian people, especially in poor countries, with health care through many activities. And the bazaar is held at the institute next week.

     I’ll write the rest of the story later…


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