Thai food at home

      I tried to cook Thai food at home last night because I liked very much the Thai food at the restaurant where I visited with my friends last Tuesday!

     What I cooked was as follows: raw spring rolls, spicy mungbean noodle salad, deep-fried chicken, deep-fried fish with savory sauce, tom-yam-kung, and boiled banana with coconut milk as dessert.

     Of course, they were not authentic Thai food at all. I used many things which had been in the fridge, for example gumbos. I don’t think they use them for Thai food. To the contrary, I couldn’t get some spices. So I used other stuff as some substitutes for them.

     Anyway, all of food I cooked was delicious! I thought I might be a cooking genius!


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  1. Midor-chan! Thank you for the comment!Yes! I am a great cook!!! ;p
    OK, then, I’ll invite you next time!
    Bring me some alcohol, please!

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