At a Thai food restaurant


     I ate out with some of my friends last night. We went to a Thai food restaurant in Sakae. Its name is Kuk-Kik Noodles.

     We entered the restaurant around 6:00 in the evening and left there around 10:00. Oh! We were there for about 4 hours!

     Two of us had beer called Chang, one had another beer Shingha, and others had juice for drink. After a toast, we ate many things…

     Spicy mungbean noodle salad, raw spring rolls, deep-fried chicken, deep-fried fish, spicy grilled pork, tom-yam-kun, coconut noodles, fried rice, and dessert and so on…I don’t remember exactly what we ate last night! Oh, no! I forgot to be on a diet!

     At any rate, all of the foods were delectable! They were not so hot. All of them were seasoned to a turn for Japanese people. If you want real Thai food, you can say that at the restaurant. You’ll get spicier food than we had last night.

     All of us were women. We talked and talked there! Yeah! Girls are girls forever. Girls love chatting! If one of us hadn’t needed to catch the train, we might have talked until midnight…

     What did we talk about? Oh, I am sorry! I cannot write here. The topics were too dangerous to say…So the content of our conversations is secret…

     Anyway, I had a wonderful time together with my friends.


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  1. Ms. No Name, thanks your comment!
    Oh! He forgot it! I am sorry that he missed the wonderufl Thai food…
    Let’s make sure whether he remembers
    the party before the day when we have
    next time! Anyway, the party was fun!

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