Gaudí & Chagall


 I ate out last night with some of my friends in Sakae. We went to a Thai food restaurant.

     We decided to meet each other at an underground square called Crystal Hiroba in Sakae around 18:00. The Thai food restaurant is located near the place.

     I went to Sakae earlier because I seldom go to Sakae lately. I was going to stroll and shop there until our meeting time. I went to look for a book, which I had wanted for a long time, to a big bookstore in Sakae district. The book is a photographic collection of Antoni Gaudí.

     I had been looking for the book since I saw one at a bookstore in Nagoya Station. I should have bought it at that time. When I visited the bookstore next time, the book had vanished. Since then, whenever I had opportunities to go to Nagoya Station, I used to drop into the bookstore. I looked for it at other bookstores, too.

     Of course, if I did want it, I could have gotten through the Internet. Although I wanted it, I chose the way that I looked about for the book directly. It is pleasure to shop around for me. So the pleasure is quite big when I find something which I look for.

     I found some Gaudí’s photographic collections at the bookstore yesterday. I decided to buy one of them although they were not different from the one I saw in Nagoya Station.

     When I walked to a check out counter with the book, I noticed many books on sale. And I found a Marc Chagall’s portfolio among them. I love his paintings. I have a small one of his portfolio, but I decided to take the one on sale home. At the moment, my eyes caught something.


     A Gaudí’s collection was on sale, too!

     I dashed for his books and took the sample. Oh! The contents was the same as the one I was about to buy! Of course, I put the regular price one back, and took the sale one instead.

     That’s why I bought two thick books there: a Marc Chagall’s portfolio and a Antoni Gaudí’s photographic collection. How heavy! But my heart was light!

     Since those books were so heavy that I couldn’t walk around, I entered a cafe. I smirked seeing the books over coffee there until the time when I was supposed to meet my friends. I am happy!

     About the dinner at the Thai food restaurant, I am going to write later…


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