New friends


 Last Saturday, I met a Mexican married couple in Kakuozan. A friend of mine introduced the husband to me the other day. I needed some software for my PC and he has it. He and I had contacted each other by email but had never met in person until that day.

     He and I decided to meet each other at a parking lot of a grocery store in Kakuozan. I was afraid that we couldn’t meet there because we didn’t know each other at all!

     After meeting at the parking lot, he took me to his new apartment. Actually he and his wife had just finished moving from Motoyama before the day. It took about three minutes to the apartment from the grocery store. When he opened the door of his apartment, his beautiful wife welcomed me with smile.

     I felt sorry for visiting there on the day when I saw inside their apartment. They just brought their staffs there. It seemed that there was no space to sleep yet. But the Mexican couple made me welcome. I was touched.

     According to them, they carried all of their things by a hand cart little by little. It means that they didn’t use a car! They walked! From their former apartment to the new apartment, it takes about 30 minuets on foot!

     So, why did they have to move? The husband is a student in University of Nagoya. He studies information science there. All of the foreign students who live at the university’s dorm have to move away within a year.

     I have studied Spanish language for a year, but I cannot speak at all. I can just greet people and say some easy words in Spanish. But they have lived here in Japan for less than two years, they speak Japanese fluently! They and I communicated in Japanese on that day.

     I enjoyed talking about many things with them and seeing some photos of Mexico that they showed me. I had a really good time.

     The husband emailed me today and said that he was going to have a Mexican food party after settling and he would invite me! Wow! Sounds wonderful! I made new friends!


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