I’ll miss you…


     I saw many students in school uniforms today. Yeah, schools start on September 1st except universities. I used to have tough time on August 31st in my childhood because of homework. I think teachers shouldn’t give homework to their students in vacations…I’m going to write about it someday soon…

     The reason I saw many students today that I took buses, subways and trains. I went to Handa city with my mother to go to see a doctor. She and I had had problems on our bodies, especially knees. We had been to the clinic once a month. 

     I hadn’t been able to bend my left knee for a long time since I had an accident by bike two years ago. I had been to a hospital for my knee after curing my broken rib bone, but the doctor just said, “Your knee is not bad, so I cannot do anything for you." That’s why I had put up with the lameness for over one year. 

     But I just visited the clinic where I was today once, I got better. According to the doctor, when I had the accident, the shock wave broke my rib bone and warped my spine. The contortion pressed nerves which relates to my knee and caused the pain. 

     I took my mother who had had the similar problem on her knee there three months ago. Today was the third time for her to go to the clinic. I have heard that most of the patients get well and are discharged after going to the clinic three times. But for me it was the fifth time today. 

     My mother and I said on our way to the clinic, “When are we discharged? After we recover, why don’t we visit Centrair?” 

     Look! She and I can go to Centrair anytime!

     Yeah! Today our doctor discharged us! I hadn’t thought my mother and I would get the permission at the same time! In the middle of last month, I had a tough time because I had a terrible pain on my knee, but I hadn’t felt any pain since on 21stish indeed.

     I was just happy when our doctor said, “Both of you can stop coming here.”

     But my mother wasn’t. She said to him, “Oh, no! I am sorry to hear that! I’ll miss you!”


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