We had a thunderstorm in the evening last Tuesday. Actually I didn’t want to go out because it started thundering when I left home. But as the grocery store near my apartment was supposed to close next day because of inventory, I needed buy some food for two days. And I thought that I might get something good at a bargain price. That’s why I went to the grocery store, hearing distant thunder.

     It started raining with big drops when I was about to leave the store after shopping. I had an umbrella with me at that time, but it was small and folding. I thought that I would be drenched with rain when I saw the sky. So I decided to wait for improving at a coffee shop in the grocery store.

     When I entered the coffee shop, there was no customer except me. I sat down near the window and ordered a cup of coffee. While seeing outside there, it started raining harder and harder. And it started thundering bigger and bigger. There were many flashes of lightning outside. When it thundered, the window and my cup on the table shuddered.

    “Oh, no! I cannot go home!”

     But I was excited. To tell the truth, I like thunderstorms. One of my desires is to shampoo my head in the thunderstorm!

     There was a vivid flash outside at that moment.


     I grasped my cell phone and started the camera. The outside looked like a ghost town. Hmmm…it was the third time to have experiences of the power stoppage for 10days…Thunderclouds follow me?


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