My second course finished.


 On August 25, my second summer intensive course finished. I had a really good time in the class. It was good to decide on taking it again. I mean I took the class last spring, too. My teacher gave me much information and knowledge about Japanese culture and an opportunity to think about it, especially about O-bon this time.

     Although I had been impressed by his deep and wide knowledge and arrangements for the class last spring, I was impressed by them this summer again. The handouts with various fonts and insetted nice illustrations stimulated and motivated students, I think.

     I had never thought that it is similar between Setsubun, a Japanese cultural event and Halloween until I took the class. I had never thought why people throw soy beans at “oni” demons on Setsubun. My teacher’s idea is that bean is symbol of life, you know, seed is a capsule of life. Setsubun is an event for welcoming spring. It means an invocation to fertilization. Ancient people might start throwing beans, capsules of life, with hope for it. It’s similar to rice-shower in western style wedding ceremonies. You know, rice is capsules of life, too.

     Anyway, I enjoyed myself in the classroom. I made many friends there. I had some chances to have lunch together with them during the course. Because I am on a low-carbohydrate diet now, I am avoiding having carbohydrates. But I enjoyed each meal with a glass of beer every lunch time! My friends and I had a really nice conversation over lunch every time. I know I am talkative, but so were they!


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