Do you know Haiku? Haiku is a Japanese poetic form with 3 lines and 17 syllables (5-7-5 syllables) and has to contain a season word, called kigo.

       On the fourth day of the course, we tried to make one in the class. You know, for most Japanese people, it is difficult to count syllables in English words. Besides, I have not made one even in Japanese for a long time. Most Japanese people have tried to make some in their school days.

Because a season word is necessary in a Haiku poem, for me it is not so easy to make one. But our teacher told us that we didn’t need to use any season words. So I made two Haiku. Oh, no! They are not Haiku at all! They have no season words. They are Haiku style poems. But anyway, I’ll show them to you

Eleven thirty,
Oh! I am getting hungry,
Let’s have lunch somewhere!

 At a coffee shop,
Wait for you over coffee,
Raining hard outside.

 Oh, no! Are they poems? If they are poems, they are terrible…


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