Explaining Japanese Culture


     My second summer intensive course at the university has started since Monday. The class is for practicing to express Japanese culture in English for foreigners. Our teacher is a cute(!)  American.

     Actually I have taken his class in the spring. I take his class again because the spring course was really nice and interesting. I think 14 people are enrolled in my class, though, only from 9 to 11 students showed up each day so far because someone was absent.

     According to the application for the class, its suggestion is around 400 scores of TOEIC test, but all of students have higher scores or skills, I think. I am stimulated by their motivations and energy and the information that our teacher gives us. I am now enjoying myself in the classroom.

     On the first day, for introducing ourselves we ask each other about personal questions about Japanese culture. For example, we asked each other, “What is your opinion about Pachinko?”, “What are your thoughts about Sumo Wrestling?” and so on.

     All of students in my class are women and talkative. They are nice and kind. I have made many new friends again! How lucky I am! After class we have lunch together, so we must make restaurants’ staffs annoyed because of noisiness! Anyway, I have had wonderful times in and out of the classroom. 


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